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Anytime Care offers tailored NDIS disability support for people with diverse abilities.

Why Choose Us

Professional Service

Coming up with a plan that suits your needs, goals & requirements is a critical criteria when it comes to creating the most efficient plan, tailor-made for you.

Integrity & Ethics

Open and transparent communication is key at Anytime Care. We endeavour to be consistent in our trustworthiness and honesty during the entire course of our association

Compassionate Staff

Our staff understand where you come from, your needs, goals and your comfort level to be able to provide you with the best possible services.

Welcome to Anytime Care

Anytime Care’s primary purpose is to provide individualised NDIS disability supports for people with varying abilities. We try our best to provide quality, safe, and secure NDIS support services, which means keeping you, the participant, and your safety at the centre of everything we do. To ensure you are getting the best from what we have to offer as an NDIS Registered Provider, we continually work towards developing and improving our services by combining your feedback with informed approaches.

Our NDIS disability supports and services include group and in-centre activities, specialised disability support, therapeutic support, exercise physiology and personal training, community participation, assistive products and assistance for household tasks, life skill development, innovative community participation, shared living accommodation, community nursing care, assistive products for personal care/safety, and accommodation/tenancy arrangements, complete assistance with travel and transport, daily tasks, personal activities, life stage transition, and access and maintenance of employment.

Our Services

NDIS Group / Centre Activities

Anytime Care is a leading disability health service provider based in Melbourne offering NDIS group activity programs.

Specialised Disability

Specialist Disability Accommodation refers to the type of accommodation where we will be providing specialised assistance for our participants.

Community Participation

The staff at Anytime Care takes extra care to guarantee the safety and comfort of all our participants.

Household Tasks

Anytime Care helps with household tasks to empower the participant to become capable of handling their daily chores on their own or with minimal assistance.

Developmental Life Skills

We approach our participants with the utmost compassion and empathy and guarantee safe, professional, and friendly services while conducting disability skills development activities.

Innov Community Participation

At Anytime Care, we organize innovative community participation programs for our participants to come together, socialize, interact, and build contacts.

Daily Tasks/ Shared Living

We understand that everyone's journey is unique, which is why we provide personalized support tailored to your individual needs and goals.

Community Nursing Care

Participants are trained on how to take care of their health in scenarios such as medication, wound care, hygiene, and help with showering or dressing.

Assist-Travel / Transport

Anytime Care helps participants build capacity to independently travel using our transport and travel assistance services.

Assist – Personal Activities

Our team consists of NDIS personal care trainers and professionals with a passion to empower our clients to live life to their fullest potential.

Accommodation / Tenancy

Our behavioral management support program is here to help you understand & manage challenging behaviors in a positive and effective way.

Assist - Life Stage/Transition

Our assist life stage transition has helped several of our participants to ease into the new phase of their life.

Assist Access / Maintain Employ

Our training and assessment program for employment support allows you or your loved one to upskill in enabling to meet your needs.

Support Coordination

We provide personalized support to help you set and achieve goals, build life skills, and navigate transitions with confidence and resilience.

Our Mission

To empower all Australians on their journey towards a healthier and happier life through active engagement in the custom design and delivery of care services, building inclusive, compassionate, and sustainable communities.

Our Vision

Our vision is for all Australians to be able to live with dignity and independence in a place of their choosing and enjoy active social engagement with the community through our culturally diverse care.

Google Reviews

Bernd Menz
Bernd Menz
Had a carer recently called Sarah Kut. She was very attentive to my needs, which are not so great, but dealt with my requests for help in an efficient manner !
Molly Ciantar
Molly Ciantar
Thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Keillor Park. The home was clean and comfortable. The services provided by my carers was exceptional. I was taken to my physiotherapist appointments and enjoyed lunch and shopping with Sarah. I would stay again for Respite and would recommend this company
tyrell sili
tyrell sili
kind and supportive workers! they had a variety of disability supports which was handy too. Thanks Anytime Care!
John Kirkinis
John Kirkinis
Very professional Thanks for anytime care staff I have stayed in their short term accommodation and it is absolutely fabulous and beautiful. Services is very helpful and greatful.
Rachel Maywood
Rachel Maywood
Great provider, very responsive and helpful, went above and beyond
Sarah Buckler
Sarah Buckler
Very satisfied working with proactive team at Anytimecare, they are very detailed with their service delivery and provided exceptional services to its participants.
Katrina S
Katrina S
Thank you Anytime Care, Very caring and professional team. Highly recommend.

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