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Community Nursing Care

Through the community nursing care program, participants are trained on how to take care of their health in scenarios such as medication, wound care, hygiene, and help with showering or dressing. There is usually a registered nurse or medical practitioner appointed who will monitor the patient’s progress and will amend the treatment and medication accordingly. Here are some of the services offered under the community nursing care program:

Community Nursing Care is provided to participants who has complex individual support needs that are best met by someone who has medical training and experience to meet the participants’ complex health needs. Our NDIS community nursing care is needed when specific individual support needs include:

  • Very limited communication
  • Behaviour support needs, and/or
  • Medical needs / procedures such as ventilation or home enteral nutrition

Anytime Care is Registered NDIS Provider for Community Nursing Care. We are registered to deliver:

  • Complex Bowel Care
  • Enteral (Nasogastric Tube – Jejunum or Duodenum)
  • Feeding and Management
  • Tracheostomy Management
  • Urinary Catheter Management (In-dwelling Urinary Catheter, In-out Catheter, Suprapubic Catheter)
  • Subcutaneous Injections
  • Complex Wound Management
  • Day-to-day management of medications.

Why Choose Us

Professional Service

Coming up with a plan that suits your needs, goals & requirements is a critical criteria when it comes to creating the most efficient plan, tailor-made for you.

Integrity & Ethics

Open and transparent communication is key at Anytime Care. We endeavour to be consistent in our trustworthiness and honesty during the entire course of our association

Compassionate Staff

Our staff understand where you come from, your needs, goals and your comfort level to be able to provide you with the best possible services.

Our Mission

To empower all Australians on their journey towards a healthier and happier life through active engagement in the custom design and delivery of care services, building inclusive, compassionate, and sustainable communities.

Our Vision

Our vision is for all Australians to be able to live with dignity and independence in a place of their choosing and enjoy active social engagement with the community through our culturally diverse care.
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